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Pope Francis weighs in on COP22
Follows successors in connecting climate with poverty, life
Nov 16, 2016
Ocean Climate Action at Marrakech
Hundreds promise action, funds to protect African oceans
Nov 12, 2016
Doing business with President Trump
Eco advocates are worried—with reason. But there is a way forward.
Nov 9, 2016
Remember where it all began
Sacrificial love was once a new concept. Let's make it new again.
Nov 8, 2016
No matter who wins ...
The United States is divided. Catholic ecologists can help reunite it.
Nov 7, 2016
10 (more) ways Catholics can protect creation
One way to celebrate the Feast of All Saints is to learn how you and your parish can honor, praise, and protect God’s life-giving creation
Oct 31, 2016
Elevating economics: Loving (and farming) a particular place
Economist and theologian Patrick Fleming blends academic theory and family life on a farm for advice on living Laudato Si’
Oct 25, 2016
Was Laudato Si’ a climate bust?
Reports that Pope Francis failed to inspire Catholics about climate change tell us more about contemporary journalism than it does about Catholics and climate
Oct 25, 2016
Progressively worse
From the WikiLeaks drama we remember that the environmental movement has long found a home in anti-Catholic elements of the Left, which is why the Church must get her voice heard
Oct 14, 2016
A must-see video: Canticle of Creation
Salt and Light offers a wonderful video version of Saint Francis's great canticle of praise to God for creation.
Oct 4, 2016
Forward on the Feast of Saint Francis
With a growing fossil fuel divestment movement, Catholics around the world are putting into action the teachings of Laudato Si’
Oct 3, 2016
Rome, Global South look forward to COP22
At events this week at the Vatican and elsewhere, momentum builds to combat climate change and other ecological ills
Sep 29, 2016
Deep diving into Laudato Si’
The most-excellent journal Communio offers helpful and beautiful insights into Pope Francis’s eco-encyclical
Sep 27, 2016
Pope Francis: "Nothing is more important" than preaching the Risen Christ
In Sunday's homily to catechists, Pope Francis prioritizes the Easter proclamation over worldly activity
Sep 25, 2016
"The Sky's Limit" supports faith with reason
A new report by Oil Change International justifies ways forward to reduce fossil fuel reliance
Sep 24, 2016
Divided on the liturgy, divided on everything else
Our ancient enemy continues to divide and conquer in disputes over how to say Mass, and how, or if, we must protect creation
Sep 22, 2016
Mercy and the guys
A training program for wastewater operators may help us understand what Pope Francis is getting at in proposing ecological protection as a work of mercy
Sep 13, 2016
Let us pray, for God’s gift of creation
The World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation is tomorrow, Thursday, September 1st, and there’s a lot happening
Aug 31, 2016
A “Season of Creation” and the Fourth Eucharistic Prayer
One noted liturgical expert cautions against a new liturgical season to celebrate creation.
Aug 24, 2016
Pope Francis: “Human Ecology” is a matter of life
In announcing the new head of two Vatican bodies dedicated to life and the family, the Holy Father continues the work of his predecessors
Aug 18, 2016


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