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“Be protectors of God’s gifts!”
The Feast of St. Joseph marks the anniversary of Pope Francis’s foundational demands for the Church
Mar 19, 2015
Following nature to a third trajectory
Mary Taylor offers invaluable words on Catholic contributions to ecology
Mar 16, 2015
A global movement begins with a fast
This Lent, Catholics everywhere are fasting to call attention to, and repent for, climate change
Mar 15, 2015
Bishops confront high cost of "blood minerals"
Clerics and Catholic development agencies urge European Union to act from the common good
Mar 11, 2015
At the Vatican, it's all hands on deck
To counter popular misconceptions, Rome gets busy preparing the Church for the eco-encyclical
Mar 8, 2015
A new light on St. Francis
Thirteenth-century codex reveals previously unknown details about the great eco-saint
Mar 3, 2015
“This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”
What should we make of the Pope and new polling numbers?
Feb 28, 2015
Thomas Merton at 100
Providentially, Francis and Bartholomew both speak about ecology nine days after Merton's 100th birthday
Feb 23, 2015
Lent's lessons for life
Ecological efforts should have nothing to do with a culture of death
Feb 16, 2015
George, Grisez, and gravity beyond the cliff
Guest post: Jacaranda Turvey Tait on elevating Catholic dialogues and debates on climate change
Feb 9, 2015
Say the Rosary, save the world
The time is now for time-tested and true Catholic devotions
Feb 7, 2015
The Catholic climate wars continue
And they're not helping the mission of the Church
Jan 30, 2015
Fasting to confront "global indifference"
New initiative of the Global Catholic Climate Movement
Jan 27, 2015
Politics and the pope Jan 20, 2015
The start of a game-changing year Jan 15, 2015
A global Catholic climate movement of grace Jan 14, 2015
Faith, reason, and the future Pope Francis: An interview with Dr. Pablo Canziani Jan 9, 2015
Lessons for 2015: Pope Francis, climate change, and unpublished encyclicals Jan 1, 2015
The Top Ten Catholic Eco-Stories of 2014 Dec 28, 2014
What science is this?
How has Enlightenment thought shaped and harmed the way we see nature?
Dec 24, 2014


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Catholic Ecology posts my regular column in the Rhode Island Catholic, as well as scientific and theological commentary about the latest eco-news, both within and outside of the Catholic Church. What is contained herein is but one person's attempt to teach and defend the Church's teachings - ecological and otherwise. As such, I offer all contents of this blog for approval of the bishops of the Church. It is my hope that nothing herein will lead anyone astray from truth.