The silence—and newness—of Easter

We'll keep this brief.

The past six months have been busy ones for me, especially with taking care of my mom, who is now recovering from surgery (with things now looking good). The focus on her and a myriad of other obligations have keep me from posting for periods on this blog.

But with Easter comes renewal, and new beginnings, and new life. And during the Triduum, God has certainly been inspiring me with ideas of what this blog needs to offer in the coming months. So stay tuned.

I'd like to share one insight now about moments of silence during the past three days. That is, the silence of Holy Thursday and being with our Lord as he waits in the Garden of Gethsemane. The silence of Good Friday, when priests lay prostrate before the Cross. And the silence of Holy Saturday, as the words waits with eager expectation.

And now, the silence of the early Easter hours, when we prepare for Easter Mass or when we are basking in the joy of the Easter Vigil (or both).

God speaks to us in silence—this is a perennial understanding for people of faith. And God certainly spoke definitively in the silence of the tomb. Similarly, God speaks to us when our creative efforts grow silent, when He asks us to pause, regroup, focus elsewhere, and wait for His time to be the time to continue.

And so it goes with Catholic Ecology.

I thank God this Easter for this ministry and I offer Him these posts to help us all cooperate with His grace. And grace is, as my pastor reflected after this evening's vigil, unstoppable.

So stay tuned as things get busy over the next few months, and beyond. From the Vatican's conference in May on sustainability to a few other surprises, there will be a significant amount of Catholic ecological engagement ahead. And I will get as much of it as possible in these posts.

And so for today, my wishes for a blessed Easter to you and all your loved ones. May the truth and joy of the Risen Lord bring you much peace, health, and new life in the year ahead.

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