A Papal endorsement fires up the faithful

When the Vicar of Christ supports a world-saving cause, you might want to pay attention—and join in.

My colleagues at the Global Catholic Climate Movement sent word today that none other than Pope Francis is supporting our campaign for one million people to take the Laudato Si’ Pledge. The pontiff even agreed to release a photo of him with the pledge.

Named after Francis’s 2015 game-changing eco-encyclical, the Laudato Si’ Pledge seeks to encourage the faithful, and all those of good will, to elevate his words into both spiritual and worldly realms.

I was speaking with GCCM Executive Director Tomás Insua today on another matter when I asked him about the pledge and the pontiff’s endorsement.

The always energetic Insua became even more so.

“We’re delighted that Pope Francis endorsed the campaign,” he said. “It’s made us more committed to bringing his words in Laudato Si’ to life. We [the GCCM team] are definitely fired up to mobilize for even greater things ahead.”

To help carry out the pledge, the GCCM already offers a handy, free guide to living more simply and with creation in mind, as well as resources for prayer and liturgies, and, as always, advocacy.

But as Tomás makes clear, more will be coming. (So stay tuned!)

For now, why not heed the Holy Father’s advice and sign the pledge?

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