Joplin needs love, not debate

  After the Storm: St. Mary's Catholic Church, Joplin
From the Diocese of Springfield website.
Ecology is more about climate than it is about weather. And while nature has been vicious of late—leading some to speculate why—when a single weather event causes so much damage to so many, one must momentarily step away from the science and share in the suffering of the moment. This is what it means to be human.

Of course, many are using the recent tornado outbreaks (or floods, or droughts) as "proof" of climate change. But single events, or even a season's trends, is not what climate researchers look at. What they examine is the trends of many years—of decades and centuries.

But that's a discussion for another moment. For now, let us continue the millennia-old trend of the Church: Giving to those in need. Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are needed now, not debate.

And so below is a posting from the Diocese of Springfield, Missouri. Share this abundantly, so that God's graces may find a conduit through you and the many.
Those wishing to send financial aid to the victims of Sunday evening’s devastation in Joplin my send them to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri Office:

601 S. Jefferson Ave.
Springfield, MO 65806

Please note on the donation “Joplin”. As we work through this tragedy we will discover more ways we can best serve the needs of Joplin.

Critical Needs:
We received word from St. Peter’s Parish and Fr. J Friedel of the immediate needs of the victims in Joplin. St. Peter Parish in Joplin has acquired storage space AT THE PARISH to accept the following donations:
Shoes of all sizes
Feminine products
Hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.)
Disposable diapers, wipes and formula
Towels/wash clothes
Disinfecting wipes –
cleaning supplies (bleach, etc.)
paper towels
rubber gloves
tash bags
Toilet Paper
Disposable paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, silverware)

Drop off or send items to: St. Peter Parish in Joplin, 812 S. Pearl Ave., Joplin, MO 64801
On the devastation in Joplin
Please keep the people of Joplin in our prayers, especially those whose lives were taken as well as those who lost loved ones. We pray especially for the people of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and school who suffered a total loss as well as St. John’s Mercy hospital which sustained major damage.  Bishop Johnston
For more, see a story from the Catholc News Agency and a local television report at Catholic Online.

Update: From Vatican Information Services, the following includes the text from the Pope's telegram of support to the people of Joplin.
VATICAN CITY, 26 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Yesterday afternoon, Benedict XVI sent a telegram through Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, S.D.B., to Bishop James Vann Johnston of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, USA after receiving news last Sunday of the tornado that devastated the city of Joplin, Missouri, killing more than 120 persons and wounding over 750 others.
The text reads that "the Holy Father has followed with deep concern the aftermath of the catastrophic tornado which struck Joplin on Sunday and he asks you to convey to the entire community the assurance of his closeness in prayer. Conscious of the tragic loss of life and the immensity of the work of rebuilding that lies ahead, he asks God, the Father of Mercies, to grant eternal rest to the departed, consolation to the grieving, and strength and hope to the homeless and the injured. Upon the local civil and religious leaders, and upon all involved in the relief efforts, his holiness invokes the divine gifts of wisdom, fortitude, and perseverance in every good".

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