Interfaith Oceans goes live

A new web resource is inspiring the world to take action for our common oceans

With the harm caused by human activity on our oceans becoming more evident, an interfaith group has assembled an online resource to bring to the world the means to tackle this growing crisis. is “a multi-faith campaign that encourages religious and spiritual communities to join with scientists to appreciate the gifts of the ocean systems, species, and coastal communities—and work together to protect and restore them.”

While still being added to, it’s already an important piece of faith-based eco-advocacy. When fully built out it will offer:

  • a Religious Declaration of Ocean Emergency
  • an overview of major ocean issues with action responses and links to climate change and marine conservation campaigns and organizations
  • faith resources for teaching the connections to individual religious backgrounds and ocean care, and shared interfaith rationale and ethic on common principles
  • interfaith ocean ethic and pledge and links to other faith pledges
  • timely actions and ongoing ones
  • a blog for news of Interfaith Ocean actions or guest blogs

This is definitely a resource to spend time with and to share. Our planetary oceans are under great stress—the result of human sin on a global scale.

The answer, then, is the witness and the work of people of faith. For it will be with faith that we as a species will veer away from the self-centered temptations of sin and live instead for the good of all people—and for all that God created.

Visit Interfaith Oceans here.

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