The hypocrisy continues . . .

Once again, media reports on the dangers to unborn children—and the moms that carry them—dodge an important issue: Why are we so concerned about “fetal development” when so many in our culture support abortion?

Today's news from the University of California, published in the online version of Environmental Science & Technology, examines banned chemicals used in flame retardants that are turning up in pregnant women. Here’s a clip from a story in the San Francisco Chronicle:
The data, while preliminary, also found a relationship between thyroid hormone disruption in women in their second trimester of pregnancy and exposure to once-common flame retardant polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs. Most PBDEs are no longer in use today but persist in the environment.
"Maternal thyroid hormone during pregnancy plays a critical role in fetal brain development, especially during early pregnancy," said Ami Zota, postdoctoral fellow at UCSF's Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment and lead author of the study. "Even moderate disruption of thyroid hormone can have a long-lasting developmental impact on her child, including (attention deficit disorders) and reduced IQ."
The good news is that the researcher uses the term "child," and the paper printed it.

But as covered in these pages repeatedly (here and here and here), a good many people that rightly find such news terrifying hypocritically support abortion. But such contradictory thinking can’t last long. Over time, such studies will remind people of what exactly grows inside the nurturing womb of a pregnant woman.

Perhaps, we pray, that such a recognition will be embraced soon—and that all life will be allowed a chance to live and grow, free from toxins and the lethal tools of abortion providers.

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