Deadly weather, the New Year ... and Mary, Mother of God

Historic flooding in Australia, severe snow and deadly storms in the American heartland, a soggy US West Coast and an unsettled Europe are making for unhappy New Year celebrations for many. The resulting homelessness, destruction, and death should make us pause and pray for the victims of this wild weather.

As for the why of all this meteorological drama, some say it's evidence of climate change--and they may be right. While no individual storm or cluster of events can be attributed to climate anything, trends can. Which is why the appearance of so many events occurring with so much more severity and precipitation amounts makes one wonder.

Scientists have noted for sometime that climate change will alter the way the planet distributes thermal energy and moisture. Some of us will be dryer, some wetter, some warmer, some cooler. Remember, climate and weather are not the same thing.

There's lots of resources to learn about all this ... but not now. It's New Years. And for most of us, it is a time of celebration, reflection and warm (or not-so-warm) memories of those we've lost this year, and in others. It is a time for new beginnings. And for Catholics, midnight will usher in not just 2011, but the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God. And so let us place the entire human race in the loving embrace of Mary, and ask for her intercession that 2011 bring us all a greater understanding of our role in caring for creation, and in caring for each other, especially those who suffer the ravages of war, disease, despair or freak events of nature.

And so we pray, Hail Mary, full of Grace ...

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